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Print pattern out on paper and assemble text with tape.
Select words forming desired slogan and gently cut out your pattern.
Collect various scraps of cloth, buttons, ribbons, yarn and other decorative bits and bobs.
Place your collection of paper words on your favourite pieces of material. Remember, you can mix and match prints with solids. Cut directly along the dotted lines or if your not quite comfortable working freehand, trace the words first with a felt tip pen and then cut them from the cloth.
Pin your cloth slogans on whatever garment you like and test the effect.
Attach slogan to clothing using sewing machine, hand stitching, glue, staples and/or safety pins.
Tip: The body is a large surface to be used in a variety of ways. When considering the placement of your slogan, think about how it will be performed and in what context it will be read.
Last but not least, brand your refurbished clothing with the De Geuzen Fripperies and Trimmings Label.