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The Temporary Archive of Shared Interests operates on the basic belief that all librarians have preferences and all search engines are biased. Rather than mourning this fact, the Temporary Archive of Shared Interests celebrates and extols the virtues of subjective navigational systems.
Information might want to be free but it needs to be channelled!

First Things First

Before opening the Archive of Shared Interests take time to arrange, classify and catalogue.
Look at the books, urls and videos and establish thematic strands.

1. Gather a few friends with a degree of political savvy, critical questioning, utopian drive and DIY spirit.
2. Pool together a little money and a bit of know-how. De Geuzen has observed that these are mutually dependant factors. When there is only a little of the former then more of the latter is required.
3. Lay claim to a space. It can be small or large depending on your circumstances. Size doesn't matter.

4. Add chairs, a table or two plus a few bookshelves. If you can't afford anything fancy then these can borrowed or made from quite basic materials ie. wood on saw horses, flipped over boxes etc.
5. Borrow a TV , VCR and a computer. Make sure you are able to go online as websites are crucial component of the collection.
6. Bring together all of your favourite books, videos and urls.