The Body as Billboard, was a workshop held at La Cambre Art Academy in Brussels. Working with students from the Textile Department, De Geuzen asked participants to gather a list of French Geuzennamen and to come equipped with sewing tools and second hand clothes. After selecting their favourite Geuzennaam, the afternoon was dedicated to playing with the application of text and exploring the body as a billboard. At the end of the day, all works were documented and a toast was made to the LaCambre Geuzennaam Collection.

Participating students: Caroline Leconte, Margot Jayle, Agnes Séry, Yifat Chiat, Virginie Honoré, Laure Stroobandt, Laure Kasiers, Letitia Sedjewski, Coralie van Calout, Pauline Gorelov, Elise Draux, Sarah Behets, Julie Krakowski, Adeline-Julie Baes, Christine Mawet, Jane Ernest, Suzanne Pelletier, Lise El Sayed, Tatiana Bohm, Patricia Neuenberger, Madeleine Rousseau, Céline Coppin

De Geuzen would like to thank everyone that participated, and we greatly appreciate the help and support of Anne Masson, Michel Cleempoel, Laurence Rassel (Constant vzw)