Credits, notes and afterthoughts
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About this project

A seance with Guy Debord makes use of the JavaScript implementation of Eliza by George Dunlop. For more technical info view source.

Also, while you are going through the code, you might want to check out our keywords as they are sort of a time-capsule of the political moment in which we were working. For example, Abu Ghraib, was a significant keyword, yet as time has passed there are very few people who ask Guy what he thinks about the abuse of prisoners there. In many ways, if we could type fast enough, it would be interesting to continually update the keywords in order to re-situate his quotes in the now.

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Any similarity to real persons living or dead, or to characters in other fictional works, is purely intentional. To quote The Society of the Spectacle,  "Everything that was directly lived has moved into a representation".

To Whom it May Concern,

Introduction letter

Revolutionary Men Hall of Fame

Images acquired by general net search. This ad was made before the passing of Yasser Arafat who was inducted November 11, 2004

Wet T-shirts

Re-mix of web search (if you are offended that we have used your image please contact us at

Direct Media Analysis

Photos taken by De Geuzen

French Lesson

Flash text with Voice of Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle, re-mediated through a not so high quality microphone.

Horoscopes for Horses

Information taken from an interview with Henri Lefebvre:
Flash animation: Cesare Davolio

Under the Pavement the Beach

Footage of Coney Island taken from the Prelinger Archives:
under a public domain licence:

Situationist Soup

De Geuzen's own special recipe perfected after years of trial and error. No copyright, No rights reserved
Music: Over You, royalty free