This is a virtual tour through a De Geuzen project entitled, Looping the Hoep. Initially, it took place at Fort Abcoude on the 4th and 5th of July 2003 and was conceived in direct response to a public art commission by SKOR, AFK and Projectgroep Toekomst Amstelland. The comission, was not to submit a work or project proposal as such, but to consider the possible future of Amstelland, an agricultural and recreational area just south of Amsterdam. Starting from the position of an outsider we decided to create a remote tour. In an old military bunker, literally cut off from view of the area, our aim was to open up new perspectives from the position of the stranger.

This tour is developed for Mozilla, Safari or Internet Explorer 4.0+
Please make sure your computer has the sound turned on. A full tour will take around 25 minutes.