Wearable Resistance
for Every Occasion

Object description:
A dress adorned with Light Emitting Diodes that can be programmed to depict images or text.

Through the use of battery operated LED and Bluetooth technology,
textile becomes a digital screen and you are transformed into a billboard of lights.


This is where polka dots meet pailletes:

Classic conventions of fashion, come together with new technology.

Pixilated LED form script and images like fine embroidery.

Data Error by Astigmatic

SB Message by Selfbuildtype


– Imagine the possible applications
You could wear your favorite quote of the day or talk back to the media:

From: Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle, 1963


You could generate your own slogans:

click to launch application


Counter media amnesia by transforming your body into a walking memorial.
Victims of conflict can be remembered beyond yesterday's news:


De Geuzen, March 2005