Le Tribu dell'Arte


Installation and exhibition of De Geuzen Uniform #1: Utility and Service plus Proposal for Analog Messages in a Wired World at Le Tribu dell'Arte, opening in Rome, April 24 2001
Entrance to the hall where De Geuzen's work hangs. This section of the exhibition features works by Fluxus artists, the Situationists, Gutai and other contemporary "tribes". The De Geuzen uniforms are flanked by work from Irwin, Bojan Sarcevic and Atelier van Lieshout. Ben adorns the outer walls with a series of questions.
De Geuzen with Paper Airplane
Geuzen Uniform travels to the Vatican.

De Geuzen helps out with the ironing of the NSK Flag. Borut oversees the operation. Flag will be raised by the Italian military for the opening of the exhibition. A woman's work is never done. During the installation of the work RAI crew films a documentary on Le Tribu dell' Art.

Evening dinner with Cecilia Casorati and Lorenzo Benedetti. A surprising delight for the stomach and mind: chocolate tart and grappa. Stacked paper airplanes.

Outside on the street the opening is launched, the NSK Flag is raised, and Saburo Murakami's work "Passing Through" is performed by his son (first performance took place in 1956). Planes carried home by visitors.