More than 1.65m on a single A4 sheet!
But remember, it's always the little things that count.
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Print on A2 sheet or shrink to 71% [A3] or 50% [A4], and then simply fold. Finally, staple sides for extra strength as you wouldn't want any data to get lost in the process.
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Print on A4 sheet and fold into funnel. Glue or staple marks to match.
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Print on as many A4 sheets as you need. Staple back twice before cutting sides.
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Sometimes you need to fudge the facts to get your point across. These exquisitely designed embellishments can be printed in a variety of colors and placed in numerous configurations on all of your accessories. With a little bit of creativity, these fripperies can be altered to suit just about any occasion.
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For an alternative form of distribution requiring no postage whatsoever,
see our Proposal for Sending Analog Messages in a Wired World.

You never know with that tangential information might come in handy.
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Lid: Download PDF-File [116 kb]
Attach these 25 tabs to heavyweight sheets on any size and punch holes to match your preferred filing system
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step guide
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