Replica: The Dress of Mrs. Jeanne Terwen-de Loos
Pattern retraced by: Greet de Kuijper
Date: 2002
Digital rendering: De Geuzen
Image size: 5301 x 4932 px

Original object: silk map dress belonging to Mrs. Jeanne Terwen-de Loos
Size: 38 plus 4 cm length
Land of origin: The Dutch East Indies
Date: 1945
Tailored by: Jeanne Terwen-de Loos
Sewn on: cast iron treadle sewing machine
Stored: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Archive of the Department of Dutch History
Donated by: Jan Willem and Pier Terwen
History: After the capitulation of the Japanese in 1945, the internment camps in the Dutch East Indies were liberated. Most people returned to impoverished living conditions and had to make do with whatever was available. In need of new clothing, Jeanne van Leur-de Loos (Mrs. Terwen-de Loos), a Dutch art historian, purchased a bundle of silk RAF parachutists' maps at a flea market. From the maps, depicting parts of Burma, French Indo-China, Siam, India and China, she fashioned a silk dress.