To Whom it May Concern,

We initiated this séance because we wanted to talk to Guy Debord (a.k.a. the Guru of the Spectacle) about the current state of affairs in the world and imagined that others would like to do the same. As the topic of terrorism dominates the media, it is important to have a direct and frank conversation with the man himself. What are his views on the war on terror, the Bush administration, the state of the European Union or the war in Iraq? Are old Situationist strategies still viable, and what is his perspective on the spectacle in a post-9/11 society? Well, quite simply, the answers are for those curious enough to ask.

On a practical note, once you begin the séance it will last approximately 35 minutes and you can stop at any time. In order to avoid fatigue we have programmed short breaks.


De Geuzen

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