Temporary Archive: Manifesta 3

Temporary Archive Bookmarks

Contribution to Manifesta 3: Borderline Syndrome / Energies of Defence, Ljubljana, Slovenia [2000]

For Manifesta 3 De Geuzen designed the Temporary Archive. It operated as a platform for ongoing research, production, lingering and exchange. Using border delineation as a frame of reference or matrix for gathering materials, De Geuzen used its own collection of books as a point of departure. Themes were developed in a viral manner as related books, urls and materials were added throughout the duration of the exhibition. As new materials entered the collection they were classified under a thematic heading.

People browsing the booksOverview of the spacebooks with bookmarks Books arranged and catalogued with bookmarks mapping intersecting themesAn overview of the spaceBack view of space: slanted table suspended by wires, glass wall runs through the center of the room, camouflage carpetpaper with map patternwriting paper with map structurechildren's territoriumChildren’s tent which could be moved to various parts of the room: also included for children were books and puzzles on geography and nations.