Portfolio / CV

Unfortunately, we have not had much time to update our CV since 2008…. we’ve just been too busy.

De Geuzen is Riek Sijbring, Femke Snelting and Renee Turner

Projects, programming and exhibitions see also: Projects

Host, a three month project experimenting with streaming broadcasts and how to set up hospitable spaces online. With students from the MA Media Design at PZI, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (Host: preparation wiki, Mixed Sources:final broadcasts)
Tippelzone: workshop The Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands (view youtube video of their proposals from omroepbrabant)
Female Icons, Eclectic Tech Carnival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Female Icons, Feminism Is On the Agenda, London, England
Living Room Lecture, Kim de Vries: Sequential Tart, online event/Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Anxiety Monitor at GogBot Festival, Enschede, The Netherlands
Living Room Lecture, Anke Bangma: Performing Evidence: Augustine, online event/Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Uniform – De Geuzen @ DesignCamp, Workshop at the Design Institute of Minnesota, United States
Living Room Lecture: Alison Norrington, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The Reading Salon, work for mobile phones, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Faith in Exposure, group exhibition featuring Global Anxiety Monitor, Montevideo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wezenlandpark, community art project, Deventer, The Netherlands
Female Icons Exhibition, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, Scotland
Female Icons online
Image Tracer v1.7 (with Tsila Hassine), online project

Monument voor nu, temporary kiosk, Voorburg, The Netherlands
Mobile Work, workshop at Digitales, Brussels, Belgium
Global Anxiety Monitor and Image Tracer v1.7, Under Fire (Jordan Crandall), Chicago Edition curated by Ryan Griffis, US
Global Anxiety Monitor, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A Monument to the Now, educational project, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
The Critical Browser, web based project
From image to data: a historiography tracer, lab and online publication, Oostende, Belgium

13 unknown women, installation and edition, Museum de Ghulden Roos, Roosendaal, The Netherlands
Fresh Art, 3 works published at Rhizome Artbase
A Seance with Guy, on line chatbot project
Monument to the Now, workshop, La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium

Solidarity as ornament / Language as allegiance, workshop, Digitales, Antwerpen, Belgium
A Seance with Guy, performance at Situationistische Kunst Bestaat Niet, Worm, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The dress of Mrs. Terwen de Loos, off-set print, Constant vzw, Brussels, Belgium
subRational eRuptions on line exhibition curated by Ryan Griffis for Turbulence.org

The body as billboard, workshop, La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
Swap Meet: an exchange of tactical traditions and the politics they represent, contribution to Next 5 Minutes conference, De Balie / on-line, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Looping the Hoep, virtual tour and on-line project, commisioned by SKOR/AFK, Amstelland, The Netherlands
Fripperies and Trimmings: Meaning arises through Use, installation and series of workshops, Impakt Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Fripperies and Trimmings: Meaning arises through Use presentation/workshop, Transmedia, Brussels, Belgium
Research Accessories, web-based work / downloadables

Droomgenerator, design for interactive storytelling machine made in collaboration with Airplant, commissioned by SKOR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Unravelling Histories, installation, Upstream Negotiations, Historisch Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands
unravelling-histories.org, online database made in collaboration with Michael Murtaugh
Geuzennamen.NL, Commitment, Las Palmas, Rotterdam plus web-based project

Inside the archive: the politics and poetics of collecting, series of lectures and presentations featuring contributions by Gruppo A12 + Udo Noll, Inventory, Susan Yelavich and Albert Wulffers
Geuzen D.I.Y. (Instructional Manuals for Popular Use), solo exhibition, Kunstlerhaus Bremen, Germany
Utility and Service (Geuzen Uniform #1), Le Tribu dell’Arte, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome, Italy
Geuzen D.I.Y. Launch of web-based project
Frivolity and Folly (Geuzen Uniform #2), Bienal de Valencia: El Mundo Nuevo, The Vices and Virtues, Valencia, Spain
D.I.Y. Uniform (Geuzen Uniform #3), E-motion, Bremen

Temporary Archive, installation and repository for gathered information, Manifesta 3, Energies of Defence, Ljubljana Slovenia
The Mobile Lounge, flexible and mobile information unit designed for Tech_nicks workshops, touring project: Site Gallery Sheffield, Lux London, Time Based Arts Hull, England
Democracy, doormat designed for Royal College entrance, Royal College of Art, London, England
Public Possessions and Private Obsessions workshop and symposium, Piet Zwart Institute, Postgraduate Programme in Fine Art and Zaal de Unie, Rotterdam
Geuzen Residency Launch, London, Amsterdam
Situating Technologies, symposium accompanied by video screening, De Balie, Amsterdam

Temporary Sanity: an alternative plea when considering madness and motive, video screening
(En)countering the Culture of the Norm, seminar curated in collaboration with Ine Gevers
The Mediated Image: Michel de Certeau and the practice of everyday life, dinner with performative lectures

Re-writing the real: a two-day guide to use and abuse, two day interactive workshop, AKI-2, Enschede, The Netherlands
Testing the Surface of the Real, A symposium with Lennaart van Oldenborgh, Chris Horrocks, Arjen Mulder and Debra Solomon, De Geuzen space, Amsterdam
The Walk-in Reader, installation and thematic archive hosting a variety of lectures, tours, presentations and video screenings, Unlimited.NL/02, De Appel, Amsterdam. In collaboration with Lennaart van Oldenborgh and Apolonija Sustersic
Our Image is Our Own, awareness campaign in collaboration with De Rode Draad, Midnight Walkers, City Sleepers, Amsterdam

All is Quiet on the Domestic Front: a look at intimacy and dwelling, seminar, Amsterdam
Watching Kluge on TV, screening and panel discussion, Amsterdam

A Scenic Detour Through Commodity Culture, curation of exhibition and symposium, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht
Society of the Spectacle, screening, Amsterdam
Public Invitations to Private Parties, (Part 1 and 2) discussion and presentation, Amsterdam / Amstelveen
From Kindergarten to Total Carnage, presentation on gaming by Matthew Shadbolt

Lectures and Presentations see also: Lectures
Interact or Die: Ubiscribe [DEAF Festival, V2, April 2007]
A Seance with Guy [Centraal Museum, Utrecht, March 2007]
Female Icons [University of Aberdeen, February 2007]
Reading, Writing, Research: Chatting Is Not Just for the Idle! [University of Dundee, April 2006]
Unravelling Histories [The Lining of forgetting, Jonctions/Verbindingen, Constant, Brussels, 2003]
Looping the hoep [Why don’t we do it in the road? symposium Lectoraat Publieke Ruimte, Amsterdam, 2003]
Presentation of practice [Rijksacademie, Amsterdam, 2003]
From Simmer to Boil [Opening Academisch jaar, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, 2003]
Meer wegen die naar Rome leiden… [Digitalis, Brussel, 2002]
More than one way to skin a cat [Design Re-Cast, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, 2002]
LookAlike Live [Nederlands Foto Instituut, Rotterdam, 2002]
Tactical Interfaces II [Critical Design Discourse, De Balie, Amsterdam, 2001]
Instructional Manuals [Kuenstlerhaus Bremen, 2001]
Artistic practices of everyday life [FBAU Porto, Portugal, 2001]
Visual Research [Ribacs, Rotterdam, 2001]
Tactical Interfaces [Re-Thinking Exhibitions, CalArts, Los Angeles, 2001]
Making it! [Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, 2000]
Social Interfacing II [Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Ljubljana, 2000]
Social Interfacing III [Emma-Forum, HKU Utrecht, 2000]
Interfacing Publics: Social Interfacing [V2 Wiretap, 1999]
Art after Activism debate [N5M3, Amsterdam 1999]

Publications Featuring De Geuzen see also: Further reading
OPEN [SKOR, 2006]
Else/Where: Mapping [Minnesota Design Institute, ed. by Jan Abrams, 2006]
Weak Media [Cargo, Oostende, Belgium, 2006]
Internet Art [Thames and Hudson, ed. by Rachel Green, 2004]
Nat Muller: an interview with De Geuzen [Rhizome, 2003]
Verbindingen / Jonctions 7 [Constant vzw, Brussel, 2004]
Territorial Invasions of the public and private [Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, 2002]
Oud & Nieuw [Rijksmuseumbulletin, 2002]
Nooit meer hetzelfde T-shirt! [expresZO, 2002]
Commitment [Fonds BKVB. 2002] (catalogue)
Programming [Kuenstlerhaus Bremen. 2002] (catalogue)
Paper Dolls [Lina Russel, Mute Magazine, 2001]
The 1st Valencia Biennal: Communication between the Arts [2001] (catalogue)
Proposal for sending analog messages [Archis, October 2001]
Le Tribu Dell’Arte [Galleria Communale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporana, Rome, 2001] (catalogue)
Democracy! [Royal College of Art, London, 2000] (catalogue)
Borderline syndrome: energies of defence [Manifesta 3 Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2000] (catalogue)
Blacklight [De Rode Draad, 1999]
A cut and paste interview [Jason Bowman en Renee Turner, Variant, Glasgow, Scotland, 1999]

De Geuzen Publications and Readers
Testing The Surface [2002]
Public Possessions and Private Obsessions [2000]
Sites and Situations [1999]
All is quiet on the domestic front: a look at intimacy and dwelling, made in collaboration with Annie Toop [1998]
Public Invitations to Private Parties [1997]
Society of the Spectacle [1997]

De Geuzen received grants from the Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst [Werkbeurs 2001, Basisbeurs 2005-2006 and stimuleringssubsidie 2007]. In 2005 we were awarded witn the Mama Cash Aanmoedigingsprijs.